This page previously contained links to MP3s hosted on artist websites. In fact, many of the artists requested that I provide the links. Nevertheless, I've become annoyed at mailings from BMI Music Licensing bothering me to pay them, but not specifying details as to whether they understood that in this case they were almost all just links to the files hosted on the artists' pages, or specified which links were problems. I've always been willing to remove any of the links at the artists' requests but have never had a request to do so. Anyway, for now, since I'm tired of being annoyed with it, I am removing the direct links to the music, but keeping a list of links to swing band websites below, so if you want mp3s from any of these artists, check out their sites. Some of them will provide you with the music there!

BadaBing BadaBoom
Band website at badabingbadaboom.com

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Official website at bbvd.com

Brian Setzer
Official website at briansetzer.com

Candye Kane
Official website at candyekane.com

Johnny Boyd
Front man from Indigo Swing. Website at johnnyboyd.com

Jennie Löbel & Swing Kings
Band website at www.lobel.nu

Lavay Smith and her Red Hot Skillet Lickers
Band website at lavaysmith.com

Lee Press-on and the Nails
"San Francisco's Wildest Swing Big Band" Official website at leepresson.com

Veronica Martell and her Big City Swing Band
Band website at veronicamartell.com

Martini Max and the Swing Kats
Young band "dedicated to continuing the art of good jazz and swing" Band website

Prairie Cats
Swing band based in Omaha, Nebraska. Band website

Royal Crown Revue
Official website at rcr.com

Sinister Dexter
Band website at sinister-dexter.com

Speak Easy Swing
A Chicago-based swing band. Band website at speakeasyswing.com.

Squirrel Nut Zippers
Official band website at snzippers.com

Ron Sunshine & Full Swing
Swingin' R&B and Jumpin' Blues. Band website at fullswing.net

Swing Shift
A San Diego based swing band. Band website at sdswingshift.com

Joe Turley
Check out the title track from his album! JoeTurley.com


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